What is a Maven?





  1. a trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

While the life of a woman in medicine can be challenging and gratifying, at the end of the day, we are still women! We love, we nurture, we are beautiful, we support others and we seek to share our happiness with one another. So as women in medicine, Mavens if you will, our blog is for the everyday woman whose career in any field of medicine is only one facet of her intricate life. Mavens also love life, style, travel, giving and everything else that most woman find joy in. Yet our journey through life is still shaped, at times, by our passion for medicine. Mavens in Medicine hopes to pass on some of the knowledge we have gained as our journey through medicine and our lives as modern women have blended together.  While we are experts in our individual fields, our only other expertise is in truly seeking to live a life that puts love, happiness and creativity at its center.

– The Mavens

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