The Mavens…”Citrine”


The story so far is that I have thrived in the East Coast for several years, and while I cherish this coast, on any given day you will find that I am in hot pursuit of my next travel destination. Travel, food, fitness and culture are my not-guilty pleasures.  One day I hope to fully merge my professional life, as a doctor, with my not-guilty pleasures. Who said a girl can’t have it all?

Random facts about me: 
I don’t drink coffee. I have completed a marathon. DIY projects intrigue me. My favorite color to wear currently is in the mangenta family. I spend way too much time on beauty vlogs,  and my current obsession is making my rooms smell heavenly with overpriced fragrant candles.


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. ~Citrine 😉
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