Clog Game…

Ok Mavens!

So we all know that the operating rooms are the executioner of all independent style…with smurf blue scrubs, the paper bonnet that will kill any hairdo with in 3-5 seconds of wear, or the OR shoes that are covered in blood, MRSA or whatever new bug is popular these days. No wonder we often forget our fashion sense after working in a hospital day in and day out. I’m not saying the OR should be a New York fashion week runway, but as modern women, we know that our individual style and fashion sense can not only be a statement of our independence but also a reminder that no matter where we are, including in the middle of an appendectomy at 3am, we are beautiful!

As a lover of shoes, shopping for OR clogs gives me just as much enjoyment as a stroll through the Saks 5th Ave shoe department on a sale day (a bit of an over exaggeration but go with it). My clog game and expertise has improved from my years as a student when my first Dansko were gifted to me as the only “must haves” for starting rotations on the floors. I have since stomped threw at least 15 pair of OR shoes and finally settled into my “go-to” labels.

These days, my indigo blue Calzuros (and my many colorful scrub hats… convo for another day) are a staple piece of my OR wardrobe that I simply can’t do without. Now, unlike a purchase of CL’s, where style clearly trumps comfort, there is no chance that you can get away with the strictly “car to table” shoe like you can with your baddest heels. So, as we review the top clogs for the OR, let’s keep in mind not just style but comfort, support and of course, the always talked about, compliance.


For me, Calzuro is currently the top “label” for clogs. This Italian-made shoe offers a super comfortable slip on design with a roomy toe and solid sole that has massaging bumps to increasing blood circulation in the feet. Admittedly, these shoes, like most other clogs, do take some time to break in, but once you’re good, you’re great! This clog comes in an insane amount of colors that absolutely pop and maintains their vibrancy even after a good wipe down. And for the vertically challenged, like myself, a 1.5″ heel never hurts. At a price point of $86.99, Calzuro gives you the best bang for your hard earned bucks! Just be careful, the clogs with upper ventilation holes are certainly not compliant in most hospitals, and a meeting with JCAHO is not cool 😉


Dansko has long been the “gold standard” for professional clogs and for good reason. The signature clog style of this PA based “mom and pop” company was born from the danish clog that we all know and love. Dansko’s handmade design features an anatomical footbed, roomy toe, rocker bottom and raised heel for better leg and back muscle support. Though they may not have the curb appeal of other brands, this clog is touted as the most professional of the bunch. And may I add, super durable! I had my original pair for 8 years and they still resides in the archives of my trunk, so for a price point of $120-135, thats not a bad investment. I must say that I wasn’t as lucky in the comfort department with my sophomore pair and so began my “ultimate clog” search.

BIRKI by Birkenstock

As the newcomer to the classic Birkenstock brand of Germany, the Birki or Profi Birki offers a durable version of the “soft clog” with its tough polyurethane shell, high sole back and uber roomy toe bed . This clog also offers a few pretty cool colors and designs including “the black skulls” for our more daring Mavens! They also offer insoles for arch support which is a huge plus since these clogs also took a little getting used to considering its seemingly flatter base without the insole. At a price point of $79.95-89.95, this is a great shoe for your second locker.

Special shout outs to Converse and the good ole’ chuck taylors which have been holding Mavens in Medicine down for sometime. Although they are not intended for the long days and prolonged standing we often do, they certainly are cute and remind us that outside of theses scrubs, we know how to keep in fashionable.


Let us know what your work shoe game is like!