Mavens in the Spotlight…Meet Tiffani, RN!

We are so excited to Spotlight some of the most amazing Mavens in Medicine, bringing a positive spirit, expertise in her field and fabulous style to the world of medicine and beyond! Meet our newest Maven…


The Mavens: Hi Tiffani!

TM: Hey ladies!

The Mavens: So Tiffani, what makes you a maven in medicine?

TM: Well, I started my career in nursing as an LPN but quickly worked my way towards becoming an RN. I’ve been a nurse for twenty years and have worked in numerous areas of nursing; caring for the pediatric to geriatric patient and everyone in between.


The Mavens: One of the first things we noticed about you is this fabulous outfit! Tell us about your maven style.

TM: My maven style is pretty eclectic…from city chic to street style, super casual to super dressy. I have so much fun experimenting with different looks. But I will say that my one absolute wardrobe essential is a great pair of jeans. I think a quality pair of denim should look like they were made exclusively for you. And the fact that good jeans can be dressed up or down deems them a closet must have in my book. My most basic go to outfit is that trusty pair of jeans paired with a nice top, throw on some hot heels and I’m good to go!

The Mavens: It seems fair to say that you are also a fashion maven as well!
TM: Thanks! I absolutely love fashion and I’ve been blessed with the gift of being able to create looks for all body types, personal styles and occasions. For years, I’ve been that “go to girl” for friends and family when there’s an event or even if someone simply needs help deciding what shoes or accessories go best with their look. More recently, I have taken my talent further by styling clients outside of my usual network and I’m loving it.

The Mavens: Who would you say is your fashion icon?

TM: I’d have to say Rihanna is my go to girl for style inspiration. She mixes up her style like no other. One moment she’s sexy, edgy, raw, street, and the next moment she rocks a chic & sophisticated look. Rihanna takes fashion risks that work for her and inspires me to step out of my comfort zone.

The Mavens: Do you also have a professional icon?

TM: Although she is not in the field of medicine, the ballet extraordinaire Misty Copeland has been an inspiration to me. Misty broke through many barriers while establishing her career in a field that was dominated by women who looked and were built nothing like her. Her drive, determination and decision to ignore naysayers in order to conquer her dream is awe-inspiring.

The Mavens: Your story and passion for what you do is certainly inspiring to many. We just love that you are able to balance a career, motherhood, and still make time for your personal interests. What advice would you give your fellow mavens?

TM: My advice to fellow mavens on balancing it all is to take one step at a time. I have a family, career, goals & dreams…all of which I want to be successful in. Organization & prioritizing our lives is what’s going to help keep us balanced. For myself, prayer is a big part of helping to maintain my balancing act, so I go to God who’s my source of strength. If possible, it also helps to have a great support system, people who recognize, appreciate and support all that you’re trying to do.

The Mavens: Tiffani, where can we find you?…or if we’re lucky, get styled by you?

TM: For fashion inspiration and to view my styling capabilities, follow me on Instagram @styledbytiff4u  …it’s a really fun page!

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