A Maven in the Making: Meet Ashley Roxanne!


We are excited to collaborate with a fellow blogger and a future Maven in Medicine Ashley Roxanne from dailymedicine.co. She is a current medical student who is bringing her positive spirit, strong drive for success, and fabulous style to the world of medicine and beyond!  Get to know more about Ashley’s journey, her interests and her inspiration as a blogger.

The Mavens: What made you decide to study medicine? 

Ashley: Cliche, cliche, cliche but I went into medicine to help people bridge their social circumstances with their health. As an anthropology major, I studied many cultures over time but one element that always remained was the subject of health. Every culture has an aspect of health and everyone is affected by health. I also love the science of medicine and it is a beautiful art of complex ideas and disease. It challenges me and I have learned a lot through medicine. I love to empower people through their health goals. 

The Mavens: If you could do anything else/go into another profession, what would it be and why?

Ashley: Business. For sure. I actually own a business, shopwhip.co and I love the marketing aspect of business. Like medicine, it is heavily involved with other people and I am a total people person. I like seeing the growth of my company and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. Business is often not part of medicine but I do hope I can at least incorporate business and media in my medical practice to reach more patients.

The Mavens: Who is(are) your personal or professional icon(s) and why?

Ashely: My personal icons are my parents. I know it sounds cliche but it is the absolute truth. They worked hard to overcome their past obstacles, built a healthy relationship, provide a good example for me and my sister, and then work harder and harder every year for what they have and their dreams. I am so proud to call them my parents because I know their guidance has positively affected my journey. 






Professionally, I look up to too many people to count but anyone who is mostly positive, trying to reach their goals, and helping others are my #dreamwoman. I can always get behind that type of woman (or man)! Honestly, I support everyone in their goals and I believe activists, people involved in their community, and teachers are some of the biggest unsung heros. Likewise, I look up to many female physicians in the media who are making headlines.


The Mavens: You have an interest in working with the underserved, how do you feel medical students, Physicians and other health care providers can be better advocates for their underserved patients, & reducing health disparities?

Ashley: I think we as medical students and physicians often want to get involved outside of the clinics and classrooms and help with important causes, but we lack the time to do so. The problem has more to do with prioritizing community service and outreach. For example, I watched 2 hours of television this past weekend. I could have volunteered with a group of children instead and told them about my medical school and how they could become a doctor. Or even better I could have helped with a local health fair to educate people with diabetes. I made a choice to watch television instead of volunteering and thus can not say “I did not have time”. In contrast, I have dedicated 2-5 hours a week to work with my friend’s elementary class and at other local events in lieu of other events.

Time management and help from our friends and families could help decrease the pressure often inflicted upon medical professionals. Remember, it is okay to ask for help. This help could help free up more time to make a wider difference. We will eventually have the training to save lives one day, and a dedication and passion for service begins now. In our free time, I believe we could help reduce health disparities by taking action. When we continuously do little things and help with smaller events we make a large change around us.  

The Mavens: What advice would you give your fellow medical students?

Ashley: Find a mentor as they will help you make less mistakes and motivate you and guide you and can often  “make that call you for”. They have been there and are where you want to be. They will also have awesome connections and better, available resources. Also, find as much time as you can to volunteer. I find volunteering and service will make you humble and motivate you to want to help others with greater needs than yours. Finally, I am going to say what everyone says: get good grades and MCAT scores! Seriously, do not go out if you need to study, find a study group, go to office hours, hire a tutor when necessary, and buckle down on your studies. You can party as soon as the tests, papers, and presentations are over. In college I definitely practiced work hard, play hard! 

The Mavens: Any advice for the  pre-med student?

Ashley: I often encounter pre-medical students who just need guidance. Everyone wants someone to believe in them and pre-medical students are no different. I think people should be more open to having mentees. We get so involved with what we are doing, we forget how many helped us achieve successful and get to where we are. What if we never had a mentor? I can say my mentors worked hard to help me every step of the way and pre-meds today need that now more than ever as the medical school application process gets more competitive. Reach out to someone you know who has dreams like yours – you never know the impact you can have on that person!

The Mavens: We remember med school as very rigorous time, how do you balance school, your personal/family obligations and maintaining your sense of self?

Ashley: I wrote down my priorities a long time ago. For me they look something like this: Spirituality, Family,Your Health & Wellbeing,Relationships,Community,Travel/Leisure/Fun,Fulfillment of Life Dreams, Hobbies, and Finances.

This list helps me know what to make time for and what to sacrifice. I stick pretty close to this list and it motivates my life choices. I am not perfect by any means so I do waver in my life path but I do feel I know what I want – & I go after it!



The Mavens: What else are you a Maven in (other interests or areas of expertise)?

Ashley: I am also a business maven. I can not get enough business knowledge. Medicine is moving into a more business mindset and I see both the pros and cons of this model. I also love fashion. If I could have it all, I would have a medical clothing line that keeps medical professionals stylish.


The Mavens: We see that you have developed an online blog, Who/What inspired you to start your blog?

Ashley: When I was the SNMA MAPS President at my undergrad, I frequently got many questions from pre-meds. Often, there were repeated questions and I decided there must be a need for people to access medical information from a first hand experience so I launched dailymedicine.co and the rest is history. The ability to help people using media and the internet has truly impacted me and kept me motivated while in medical school.


The Mavens: What makes you stop and go “Wow!”?

Ashley: When women support each other. Growing up, I never felt like I “fit in” with the majority of my fellow girl peers. Now, I find it easier to be “one of the girls”, but I still feel I witness so much backlash against women from other women. I am sure I have engaged in my fair share of gossip & such, but I am on a mission to decrease any negative feelings towards other women (or anyone for that matter). I love when I see positivity around me – I am definitely someone who sees the glass half full instead of half empty! There is so much going on in the world that needs attention and negativity is usually not one of them. 

The Mavens: Tell us something you are proud of.

Ashley: I am most proud of my growth. I really see myself changing every year and maturity is an amazing experience. I loved the old me but I love the woman I am today because she wants to help other people, brushing things off her shoulder, and is trying to achieve her goals. When I started medical school I was 19. It was definitely an experience! Now, I can only hope to continue growing into my womanhood. I can not wish for anything more than happiness and health & I thank God for all of the above.


A big thank you to Ashley for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us. We have no doubt that she has a bright successful future ahead of her as a budding Maven in Medicine, and we look forward to working with her in the future. 😉

Please visit and follow her blog at dailymedicine.co and you can find her IG page @dailymedicineblog.