Quick Food Service Tip for the Busy Maven

I recently had a surgical procedure on my  foot that limited my mobility for several weeks. As I geared up to return back to my long work days in the hospital, I was in a bind as to what I would be eating at work and how I would go grocery shopping.  Plus, right now what I lack in the kitchen is creativity. I tend to eat the same things,  I am not a big fan of ordering out and no matter what cookbook I buy I really never use it.  A fellow Maven suggested I use the Blue Apron food delivery subscription.  I decided to try the 1-week delivery meal plan: 3 meals for 2 people. I figure I can squeeze dinner and next day lunch out of 1 meal.

For a busy Maven, the bonus to using this type of service is the doorstep delivery, the quality of ingredients, the ability to have just the right amount of spices/condiments you need (vs having to buy a whole jar), and variation in weekly menus. Once you purchase your meal option, you can decide which week you would like your subscription to begin. Forward menus are posted on their website. Weekly delivery will automatically renew, but you can pause/cancel this delivery as well(there is a date deadline).

Did they have this when I was in residency? This would have been perfect back then when  I worked longer hours and had neither time nor energy to cook. Blue Apron meals can be made in 30-40mins including prep time. If you have a larger family, there is a family option (meal for 4).

So here goes: My first box arrived (yah..I love deliveries). Items were neatly packaged with some frozen ice slabs to keep meats/seafood cold. Large recipe cards  with clear instructions are included.

I decided to start with the Seared Salmon and Farro Salad. With the simple instructions, I had no issue completing the meal in less than 40mins. I probably could have done it faster but I was manuvering around on crutches.


End result was a very delicious fresh meal.  The salsa verde topping was magnificent, it really brought the meal together. I don’t think  I could ever have created on my own.

Next meal was Pork Ragu. This required even less prep time and I believe I was done in 30mins. I would love to make this again and again. Last meal was a Buffalo Chicken sandwich which I did not like because it required that I pan fry the chicken thighs and I am horrible at frying chicken so that meal was not a blockbuster.

I just received my next box for this week. I would definitely recommend this service. The  convenience & variation it adds to my normal menu plan won me over.

Bon appetit.


*This is not a sponsored post.

Header Image: Courtesy of Fantasista at FreeDigitalPhotos.net