Mavens in the Spotlight…Meet Kathryn, PA!

We are so excited to Spotlight some of the most amazing Mavens in Medicine, bringing a positive spirit, expertise in her field and fabulous style to the world of medicine and beyond! Meet our newest Maven…

The Mavens: So Kathryn, tell us a little bit about yourself.  What makes you a maven in medicine?

Kathryn2.jpgKR: I recently graduated from PA school and I’m so excited to be starting my first job as a vascular PA in January. It’s pretty much my dream job!

The Mavens: You have such great fashion sense. How would you describe your personal style?

KR: I try to keep it classic and girly with a little edge. I love dresses and in a perfect world, I would wear a 50s-inspired fit and flare dress and flats every day.

The Mavens: If anyone, who would you say is your fashion icon?

KR: I LOVE everything Olivia Palermo wears! She’s so classy and yet effortless at the same time. Also, I grew up wanting to be just like my older sisters, so I take a lot of inspiration from them as well.

The Mavens: What about a professional icon?

KR: This is going to sound so silly, but I love Dr. Cuddy from the show House. I know she’s fictional, but I love that she’s feisty yet always has the best interest of the patient at heart. She doesn’t get drowned out in a typically male-dominated field. She’s a woman who worked hard for her position which I really admire. And she always looks great in a suit!

The Mavens: We know that you’re a maven in medicine, and a fabulous one at that!, but do you have any other interest?…are you a maven in anything else?

KR: When I was in high school, I sang, played the piano, and was in musicals. I had to give those up to make time for PA school, but music will always be my passion and a major part of my life.

The Mavens: Is there a particular travel destination that you would say is a must for all Mavens?

KR: I’m so in love with London. It such a wonderful blend of modern day and old world…it’s impossible to get bored there. Oh and if you have never been to New York City, you must go. It will change your life!

The Mavens: Kathryn, it’s been so great chatting with you and learning what makes you, a Maven in Medicine, so unique. Do you have any last words of wisdom for our fellow Mavens?

KR: Although it may sound cliché, my best advice is to never ever give up on your dreams. During school, I had multiple “advisors” tell me that I wouldn’t graduate, that I should just give up. But I didn’t. The path wasn’t easy and didn’t look how I thought it might have, but I made it. So please, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t, instead, show them that you will!

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