Happy Valentine’s Day from The Mavens

Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as a day of love and romance, symbolized by flowers and chocolates, a far cry from its historical origins of St Valentine‘s efforts to secretly marry young lovers. For some Mavens, Valentine’s Day can induce some unwanted angst over what to do for their partner, how to remain festive as a savvy single or whether she should even support this retail holiday at all.

Since we have already learned from our expert elder Mavens that stress adds wrinkles and takes away years of happiness, I often look to minimize stress inducing (and at times depressing) events like the “what to do for V-day?” conundrum. Rather than hibernate for the day or purposely offer yourself up for a 24hour call, making you conveniently unavailable, here are some creative ways to enjoy this special day for love.

I recently fell in love with pinterest for all of my various interests, ranging from hair care ideas to great cocktail recipes to inspiring quotes. For special occasions like Valentine’s Day, I love to use pinterest as my personal think tank in order to make planning easier. You can search for great gifts ideas to buy for the guy or gal in your life, find creative handmade projects that are thought filled and super fun to make, or lookup a fancy dinner recipe for a dine-in celebration. The bottomline is that the internet is way too accessible to spend quality time stressing over ideas for one simple day.

If Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love and romance then who deserves more love than you do?! Turn your Valentine’s Day celebration into a celebration of Mavens and treat yourself to something nice. Who doesn’t love a good massage or a nice glass of wine?. Consider rounding up a group of fellow Mavens for a spa day with champagne and good convo.

If New Years is for personal resolutions, then consider making Valentine’s Day the start of your “love resolutions”. Decide with your special someone what this year holds for your relationship and set a love goal to achieve together. It could be as simple as deciding to call rather than text one another once a day or resolve to have date night once a month without excuse. February 14th is the perfect date to mark the start and the reassessment point of your love resolution. And whether you are coupled up or not, a personal love resolution on how you can better love yourself is always favorable.

Here are a few quick “don’ts” for Valentine’s Day. If all the googoo gaga of V-day annoys you to no end, stay off of social media! What better day to take a facebook or instagram fast than the day when everyone feels like posting about their new Diamond earrings or the lovely meal their hubby made. Also, as hard as it may be, dont be the V-day scrouge. Love is a beautiful thing, so whatever way you or others choose to celebrate it, enjoy the possibilites of love in whatever form it may take. And finally, we dont need a special day to love one another, so as Mavens of Love, choose this day to love your family, love your patients and love yourself.


Leave a comment below and let us know how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day.